Designing classifieds data model

Please I need to design a database for classifieds site
Managing Categories and Subcategories
Managing Buyers, Sellers, and Users
Adding and Retrieving Category Attributes in the Property Table
Managing Posts and Their Attributes

Hi @cherif_bayazine,

Can I suggest MongoDB University to help you design your schema? They’ve got all sorts of useful free classes on all topics relating to MongoDB. One of my favorites is M340, which focuses exclusively on schema design for your application.

A full class catalog is available here:

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A good source that helped me is

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Data modeling with databases, any kind, initially involves finding out the entities, relationships (the 1:1, 1:N and N:N) between the entities, and the entity attributes. With MongoDB document model the main aspects to consider are the elements of a document and whether to use embedding and/or referencing. These are the things that come to mind, first, when modeling for the MongoDB database.

Useful references:


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