Deploying @mongodb-js/zstd to a different target architecure

I’m just trying to use this as part of an AWS lambda with serverless. If I install it locally to do a serverless deployment, it is the wrong architecture and platform - this installs @mongodb-js/zstd and zstd-darwin-x64 (I’m on a mac)

npm install @mongodb-js/zstd

But I am deploying to a linux x64. I tried explicitly installing the desired platform before deploying, like

npm install @mongodb-js/zstd-linux-x64-gnu
npm ERR! notsup Unsupported platform for @mongodb-js/zstd-linux-x64-gnu@1.0.0: wanted {"os":"linux","arch":"x64"} (current: {"os":"darwin","arch":"x64"})

Is there some way to allow installing for a different platform/arch? Various google suggestions like npm i --target_arch=x64 --target_platform=linux but those seem not to work for @mongodb-js/zstd