Deploying lots of Realm apps, is it sustainable?

I am developing a teams notes sharing and collaboration service on top of Realm. Right now its best embodiment is in the form of a plugin for

The model revolves around the notion of teams, just like in Slack, where each team gets its own users and permissions. In my model, each team has their own Realm app.

My understanding is that realm pricing is based on the request volume and bandwidth its users are using. So there is a cost for Atlas per se + a small additional fee for using Realm. Am I correct? And if it is the case, than am I also correct in assuming that I can deploy as many Realm apps as I want?

I am however a little worried that there is a soft limit on the number of Realm app that a user can create.

It also means that, when there are changes in the logic of the application, all Realm apps need to be updated “at once” or “in bulk”. I am hoping that that is not going to be too much of a problem either, when the day comes that I have the hundreds or even thousands of Realm apps that I hope for.

Anyone having a clue whether this model is sustainable?