Deploying federated database using data lake sources from multiple projects


Trying to find a way to be able to query data lakes across multiple projects, and so far couldn’t find a solution for this “issue”. Is it possible at all to add data lake sources to a virtual db that are deployed across multiple projects, but in the same organization?
I assume due to the database access management this could be tricky, but figured I would ask regardless. Not exactly a show stopper, would be more of a QoL improvement on our end.

Hey Attila,

Thanks for asking this! Unfortunately right now you can’t query across projects using Atlas Data Federation, and it’s exactly for the reason you mentioned. The database access management model we have today does not really allow for this. That said, it’s something we’re actively looking into as a future enhancement.

Would you be able to share more about your use case? It will help us as we prioritize working on this functionality.


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