Deploy replicat set

I don’t know what I am doing wrong. i’m following the steps " Chapter 2: Replicatio Setting Up a Replica Set"

Can anyone please provide clarity to the code


and this one


2 total, 10 passed, 0 skipped:
[PASS] “localhost:27001 is running”
[PASS] “localhost:27002 is running”
[PASS] “localhost:27003 is running”
[PASS] “Replication is enabled on localhost:27001”
[PASS] “Replication is enabled on localhost:27002”
[PASS] “Replication is enabled on localhost:27003”
[PASS] “Replica set ‘m103-repl’ has the correct name”
[PASS] “The replica set ‘m103-repl’ contains localhost:27001”
[FAIL] “The replica set ‘m103-repl’ contains localhost:27002”

Did you add ‘localhost:27002’ to the replica set ‘m103-repl’?

[FAIL] “The replica set ‘m103-repl’ contains localhost:27003”

Did you add ‘localhost:27003’ to the replica set ‘m103-repl’?

[PASS] “The replica set enforces client authentication”
[PASS] “The replica set m103-repl uses keyfile authentication”
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Chapter 2: Replication Lab: Deploy a Replica Set

The correct syntax rs.add(hostname:port)

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They are all wrong. The syntax is

rs.add( "HostName:PortNumber" )

In all localhost is a well know host name and 27002 and 27003 are port number. In the context of the course we can recognized that m103 and m103-repl are replica set names. For the exercise the correct replica set name is m103-repl. The replica name is part of the configuration file (or command line argument) of mongod.

Since the test did FAIL with

Did you add ‘localhost:27002’ to the replica set ‘m103-repl’?

then most likely you are missing rs.add() for that given host and port.

More details at:


Sorry @Ramachandra_Tummala, you posted a similar response while I was writing mine.


Ok thanks, I got it to work now. using:


The example steps in the previous lecture made it confusing

12 total, 12 passed, 0 skipped: [PASS] "localhost:27001 is running" [PASS] "localhost:27002 is running" [PASS] "localhost:27003 is running" [PASS] "Replication is enabled on localhost:27001" [PASS] "Replication is enabled on localhost:27002" [PASS] "Replication is enabled on localhost:27003" [PASS] "Replica set 'm103-repl' has the correct name" [PASS] "The replica set 'm103-repl' contains localhost:27001" [PASS] "The replica set 'm103-repl' contains localhost:27002" [PASS] "The replica set 'm103-repl' contains localhost:27003" [PASS] "The replica set enforces client authentication" [PASS] "The replica set m103-repl uses keyfile authentication"

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