Deploy a Replica Set

Hi Everyone,
Where are the *.conf files on my terminal?
Can’t run mongod -f with the *.conf
Screenshot from 2020-12-24 12-11-03

Try with mongod --config mongod_1.conf

The files are supposed to be right there when you start the terminal.

You might have removed the file accidentally or changed directory. I would try resetting the IDE.

Just to let you know, –config mongod_1.conf is equivalent to -f mongod_1.conf. The same error would occur as the files are really missing as shown by the output of the ls command.

The reason why the files are gone is a mystery that will not be solved unless the output of the command history on Terminal 0 and Terminal 1 reveals something.

Ok l ust make in line

cd …

cd workspace

ls -la

and everything was on right place
now it works

mongod -f mongod_1.conf