Delhi-NCR MUG: Building React Applications with Data APIs & Scalability With MongoDB Atlas!

By when can we expect the confirmation mails?

Thanks @Harshit sir, just rsvp’d :slight_smile:

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@Harshit thanks a lot sir

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Hi @Harshit , I’m unable to register for this event. Getting error 403. please help. thanks.

Hey, @Rohit_Ranjan1 Click on the RSVP text and not on the number! I just tested and it worked :slight_smile:

The 403 you are seeing on clicking the number of RSVPs is a known error.


Done, thanks @Harshit ! Please send the confirmation email asap as I will need to book tickets for Delhi.

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Expect the confirmation emails by tomorrow eod :slight_smile:


Looking forward to attend thank you for this opportunity


@Harshit sir i didn’t got any conformation mail till now

@Harshit Good evening sir i didnt got any confirmation mail till now :frowning:

No confirmation email. :frowning:

Hey @Lokesh_Mittal, @Yash_Sisodia27 and @Rohit_Ranjan1 ,

As mentioned we have limited space at the event. We have been opening the waitlist and reaching out to registrants based on our open slots. If you haven’t received a confirmation email yet it means that we won’t be able to accommodate you, unfortunately. :frowning:

We will make sure we have a bigger venue for the next event and are able to accommodate everyone.

Very sorry for this time!

I have replied to the confirm your interest mail but have not got the confirmation mail pls help

It’s ok. But if it’s not too much to ask, please consider live-streaming the session on YouTube.

getting 403 error on RSVP, please book my slot