Degraded performance mongoDb Atlas

Hi all,

Since today we are facing a performance issue with finding 15k documents in a collection.
It’s taking about 2/3 minutes to get these document. The documents only contain a few lines of data. Yesterday we didn’t have this issue.

We’ve also tried the same code in another MongoDB Atlas account, and that was find in just a second.

The slow Atlas Cluster is living in AZURE Ireland (north Europe) Version 7.0.8 M2 General
The quick Atlas Cluster is living in AWS Frankfurt (eu-central-1) Version 7.0.8 M0 Sandbox

Any others having issues with using the same location (AZURE/Ireland) ?
How can I contact mongoDB about this?

Below some playground code, for simple testing and time logging the .find()

type or pause('lods-prod-speedtest');
const startTime = new Date().getTime();
const cursor = db.getCollection('configuratorsessions').find();
const numberOfDocuments = cursor.count();
const documents = cursor.toArray();
const endTime = new Date().getTime();
console.log(`Time taken: ${endTime - startTime}ms`);ste code here

You code seems to be performance tests. So perhaps by overdoing your tests on M2 you reached some operation limits. The facts that


seem to confirm this suspicion.

Hi Steevej. Yes we have had some contact with support and indeed we reached operation limits.

We’ve adjusted some code, and we are now avoiding it.

Thanks for your help

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