db.currentOp() - background index creation

In the lecture “Chapter 3: Index Operations” -> “Building Indexes”, minute 5, define a query for db.currentOp()

        $or: [
            { op: "command", "query.createIndexes": { $exists: true } },
            { op: "insert", ns: /\.system\.indexes\b/ }

If I run this query the before, after, and in the same time with the createIndex:

db.restaurants.createIndex( {"cuisine": 1, "name": 1, "address.zipcode": 1}, {"background": true} )

I get always the same response:

        "ok" : 0,
        "errmsg" : "error rewriting ns: error going deeper into doc error visiting node bad type {ns {\\.system\\.indexes\\b }}", 
        "code" : 8000,
        "codeName" : "AtlasError"

I run this operations in MongoDB shell version v3.6.13 against Altas with version 4.0.12

Hi @Dario_92331,

Please allow me some time to check the reason for this error.

I will get back to you soon after I figure it out.

Kind Regards,