Date criteria is not specified in partition fields

When running cli commands similar to the examples below, I get the error:
“Date criteria is not specified in partition fields”

  • If I add the date field to the partition param, I get ‘expected 2 columns, not 3’
  • I expect to be able to add 2 partition fields, but looks like i need to REMOVE one and replace it with the already specified dateField

Create an online archive for the sample_mflix.movies collection in a cluster named myTestCluster using a profile named egAtlasProfile when the current date is greater than the value of the released date plus 2 days. Data is partitioned based on the title field, year field, and released field from the documents in the collection:

atlas clusters onlineArchive create --clusterName myTestCluster --db sample_mflix --collection movies --dateField released --archiveAfter 2 --partition title,year --output json -P egAtlasProfile