Date conversion lastupdated

I am struggling to do the date conversion from string to ISODate. I am not sure if field ‘lastupdate’ needs a special format etc. in the updateOne section or if the bulkWrite needs some special syntax. Any help appreciated. Regards Tilo

Take this for what it is worth since I haven’t quite completed this yet and was struggling earlier when I thought i had to convert myself.

Could be wrong - but based on this comment in the source,

“The parser.parse() method can transform date strings into ISODate objects for
us. We just need to make sure the correct operations are sent to MongoDB”.

It looks like the transformation is done for us as the movies_to_migrate is being built since parser.parse is part of the dateutil library. We’ll see when I resume working on it this evening.

Update - yes, I was trying to make this more complicated by thinking I had to do something additional to transform lastupdated. Hope that helps.