Dataset on clicking load sample data

how on clicking load sample data in my cluster how it automatically recognised a dataset sample.
Is it a default sample dataset??


You are right! It is a sample dataset which we are using for this course.
You need to load this into your cluster. :slight_smile:


i have the similar problem related to the sample dataset. i can’t load because the button is inactive. is there any other way to load it.

Hi @Asfetaw_Abay_Abera,

The button might be disabled in the beginning as the atlas waits for the cluster to get loaded. I would advice you to reload the page after 20 minutes. Otherwise, we have shared the link to the sample data in Atlas lecture as well in the lecture notes.


hi Kanika;

thank you for your response . yes you are right . i have already loaded the sample data after few minutes .

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