Dataset Collections for Offline

I’m behind a firewall and not able to access the database on Port 27017. Appreciate if i can get the collections for offline which will enable me to load into my own cluster. I did see discussion forum mentioning about dataset from 2018 but those aren’t the one right one explained in the course.


Hi @Janardhanan_Sankaran,

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Edit 1: You can follow the following steps from here, which will surely help you to download the dataset locally on your machine.

Meanwhile, if you have any further questions, feel free to reach out.

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Do you happen to have a JSON version of these datasets? I have MongoDB Compass with standalone cluster so just looking to load the data into it and work around rather than setting up Mongod instance on local.

Hi @Janardhanan_Sankaran,

Once you have downloaded the complete sample dataset via the wget or curl command, provided here.
You can use mongorestore program with the archive flag into your existing cluster to get the sample dataset loaded.

Hope it helps.!!
In case of any questions, feel free to reach out.


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Almost close - This is what I see in the documentation and provided host name of my Sandbox along with Port number but it fails (Running in it Mongoshell under Compass)

mongorestore --XX.XXX.X.X:XX --archive=C:\Desktop\Jana\sampledata.archive


If you don’t provide any connection details to mongorestore , it will attempt to connect to MongoDB on your local machine, on port 27017 (which is MongoDB’s default). This is the same as providing --host localhost:27017 .

mongorestore --archive=sampledata.archive

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