Datas couldn't transfer from realm database to main database in mongoDB

We developed mobile application on flutter platform and integration services using node.js, and both were using realm sync (device sync) So, the problem is when we created or inserted records from our client-side, all of them were synced to realm database but some of them didn’t create or insert into mongoDB. here are 2 pictures get more detail

Picture 1 shows the document was created on realm sync database that created at 8/16/2023 4:28:45 PM

Picture 2 shows the result of query by “_id” from picture 1 in main database didn’t appear for about 2 hours passed from created time.

Could you please provide the solution and how can we do next ?
How cloud we do some kind of refresh sync data from realm to mongoDB? and how ?

Thank you,

Hi, do you have a link to your application in the Atlas / Realm UI? I can take a look at the logs.

here is the link : App Services

please, let me know if you want more information.