Dataloading performance issues compared to 3.6 and 4.0 version

Hi Team,

We do same amount of data-load every week on 2 different env.

1st env: TEST box : 3.6 version (compatibility version is at 3.4 version)
2nd env : TEST1 box : 4.0 version (compatibility version is at 3.6 version)

every week we need to drop the collection and reload the collection from oracle to mongodb.In 3.6 it takes 3 hrs and 4.0 it is taking 5 hours.Is there any performance issues?
As we are using same hardware configuration and there is no change in data. So would like to know why it is taking too much time.

collection name count size of the collection

emp1 69 million 13 GB
emp2 20 million 7gb

Can this performance be improved?

During slowness issues --> what all check-points we need to check to improvise our db performance?



Any update on this request?

Hi @Mamatha_M,

There isn’t enough information to provide suggestions beyond instrumenting your environments so you have something to compare.

How are you monitoring your deployments? I suggest you compare MongoDB and resource metrics between the two environments to identify differences that might be worth investigating.

If these are both test environments, you could also try running the MongoDB 4.0 load test on the hardware that currently has 3.6. Despite similar hardware specs, there may be some other difference (such as drive speed or health) that may not be obvious from the high level spec.