Database upgrade from 2.4 to 4.2

Hello All,
I have a MongoDB database server running on 2.4 version. it consists around 90 dbs with total size of 4.5 TB.
so i want to migrate these databases on new infrastructure with version 4.2.


  • Best way to backup my 4.5 TB dbs and restore it on 4.2 version?(mongodump will take days)
  • Can we restore 2.4 version full backup on 4.2 version?


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Welcome @mohit_gour

There are so many changes across the 7! major version updates I would not be comfortable with a dump/restore(even it worked) without rigorous testing.

There a couple of threads on this topic.

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@chris, I’m not the topic originator, but first of all many thanks for those links!!

I’ve spent like half a day to google out something clear and relevant on upgrade from 2.x to 4.x!

Now I’ve found this topic and tried to google out the title of this topic ==> No results found for “Database upgrade from 2.4 to 4.2” Boaaah. I don’t know if it is OK not to have robots.txt on the domain root, but having Google Page Rank 0 (Zero!) for domain root of this forum is something really wrong…

The main page also became more like scam-page if I compare to the great informative design of ~2010 as I remember it. Indeed, the main page proposed me to sign-in – Okay – but then I found me on MongoDB related cloud business… Guys. it is like 20 year old aggressive marketing style…

Whatever… @chris said that, thank you for you answer a lot!!

Welcome @Valery_Khamenya and you’re welcome.

There is a category for site feedback. I suggest that would be a good spot to make a post as the appropriate people would be more likely to see it in that category.

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