Database trigger "change stream was invalidated" error fix

Hi everyone,

I can’t solve an error related to database triggers, I got “change stream was invalidated” error message.
I’d like to pay for someone to fix it, since I haven’t found a solution neither in docs or here in community and my knowledge ( Node, MongoDB, etc. ) is limited.

The use case is:

  • I store ecommerce orders data in a collection: OK
  • I want to make aggregations (for later frontend app usage) with database triggers ( all 4 operation types )
  • I want to make aggregations by 2 fields (of orders).
    Aggregation pipelines are complete, they work properly working in Aggregation Pipeline Builder: OK
  • I want this: when a database trigger triggered in source collection (orders raw data), I want to execute function(s) which are aggregating my pipelines. An aggregation by a specific field is in 3 sequential pipelines, so when first step, the first pipeline is executed and its result is stored in a new collection, this event triggers the next step ( of pipeline execution ).

So the task I’d pay for:
a) fix these Atlas / Realm functions’ errors
b) solve the aggregation task
In private I can provide sample raw order (input) and required aggregation (output) Mongo documents.

If I can afford, I’d hire this developer for further projects ( Node, Mongoose, Express ).

So thank you all reading this, I’m waiting for your responses ! :slight_smile:

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