Database mongoDb with React Native

Hi, can someone better explain to me realm with react native and how it works, and the advantages? thank you.
I would also like to know if it is possible to use a database by calling it with only code written by me without external packages.

Hi @Samuele_Cervietti.

Realm’s React Native SDK lets you store your data locally within your app. Realm is an object database and so it’s very straightforward to code against. There are also SDKs available for other platforms – including iOS, Android, and web.

You can optionally use MongoDB Realm Sync to synchronize data between mobile app instances and with MongoDB Atlas in the backend.

If you want to work with MongoDB Atlas data from an app without using an SDK, one option is to use the GraphQL API available in MongoDB Realm.

You can find a lot of Realm material in the MongoDB Developer Hub.

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