Database collection missing in Mongos config

As the title says i can t find any database collection in the config db of mongos after adding the config and the shard to it.

It s basically this problem:

but i didn t understand what exactly he did to solve it. What i ve done till now is to create the whole process from scratch and also adding a new database and several collections to my shard(replicaset)

What am i doing wrong?

I don’t think you did anything wrong
Looks like your shard setup is not complete or you are midway
Have you added second replicaset-m103-repl-2?
Your sh.status() should show two replicasets (m103-repl & m103-repl-2)
Once that is done you can see databases and other missing collections under config DB

No i didn t add a second replica set just the config + the standart repl set. That might be it as the guy in the link describes doing the same. Then the question is why is there no database collection if i have only 1 shard? (1shard + config shard)