Database backup


I am unable to access database cluster due to policies. Is there any backup available, so I can restore and do the assignments.



Hi @Muhammad_Abdul_Rehman_22238,

Can you not access it from a personal laptop that’s connected to your home network?

See alternatives discussed here.

No. Due to port blockage on my network.

So you’re saying that the ports on your personal laptop is blocked and the same thing on your Wifi at home?

On my wifi, it is blocked.

At your friend’s Wifi, families Wifi, public Wifi? There are many ways around this.

Hi @Muhammad_Abdul_Rehman_22238,

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Create M121 folder in your home directory. Navigate to M121 folder that you have created using terminal.

  2. Run mongod on any other port (eg: 24000) using the following command:

mongod --port 24000

  1. Download the m121 course dataset from the link: Right click the link and select “Save Link As…”.

  2. Unzip the and copy the contents to the M121 folder.

  3. Then run the following command from another terminal window:

mongorestore --gzip dump/

  1. You can then connect to the mongo shell using the below command:

mongo --port 24000

After connecting to Mongo Shell, you should be able to query the aggregations database.

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


Thank you. I am able to restore the database.