Database Access - Problem in Compass


I have a database user configured with access to two databases and their respective collections.

His name is “createUser” and your permissions are: readWrite@CustomUserDB

I used to access these banks through Compass normally, but since today nothing else appears in Compass, it is blank, as if the user had no permission.

Can you help me?


Can you provide screenshots of what happens when you log into your DB via Compass?

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@Bruno_Nobre can you try adding listCollections to the permissions of your custom role?

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In compass the databases do not appear, but in mongosh they do

No, as I never needed to use custom roles.

Until then, it always worked with Specified Privileges.

Hi people,

It was a glitch in Compass and the product team fixed it. To solve just update to the version 1.31.2.

Thx mongodb team.

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