Data modification directly in Atlas fires Client Reset if App is not running (No breaking Schema) - Flexible Sync

If I modify data directly in Atlas and the android App is not running, then on the next run of the App; Client Reset is fired. Is it an expected behavior?

No Schema Change happening in this case.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a simple collection in Atlas
  2. Add a single document in the collection with three fields: say String - name, String - email, Bool - isTrue
  3. Create an android App
  4. Flexible sync it with Query:
    subscriptions.add(Subscription.create("userSubscription", realm.where(my_user.class) .equalTo("email","")));
  5. Now quit the App
  6. Modify ‘isTrue’ to true ---- via atlas
  7. Run the App again
  8. Result: ending session with error: bad last integrated server version in upload progress (500180358788 > 17) (ProtocolErrorCode=209)

Is it a normal behavior or is it a BUG?