Data Explorer showing wrong result

I wrote the correct code for the data explorer quiz but still I got the result as a failure.
{“birth year” : 1961,“start station name” : “Howard St & Centre St”}
the above code I wrote and get the expected output properly.

What was the question exactly?

It was:

What was the end station name for that trip?

The station name should be in a single set double quotes, exactly as it is in the Data Explorer.

If you wrote anything else than "South End Ave & Liberty St", including the double quotes as it is in the Data Explorer. You did not answer correctly the question.

However, you do have the correct query.

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It appears that you entered the MQL query in the answer box instead of pasting the output of the code which is the value of end station name. Since you got the MQL query right, we’re giving you credit.

Good Luck with the rest of the course!