Data being sync'd does not exist in my Collection, I cannot find it anywhere - it's like phantom data

I am currently working with a very small data set as I am just beginning to build my application. I have a simple collection with only 3 properties that is populated using a simple aggregation from another collection that is set to sync to my mobile application using Device Sync.

As I have been working through my application I did drop the simple collection at one point and I had to stop and restart device sync due to the dropping on the collection.

Now I still have data syncing to my devices that was from the dropped collection. I cannot find this data anywhere. I have deleted my app and restarted it, verifying that the old version of realm was completely deleted. I look in my synced collection - which has only 10 records, and the data does not exist.

I can edit and modify the data that I do see in the synced collection and it is all working perfectly, I can run my aggregation and update the data and it is all working perfectly. But I cannot get this phantom data to go away and not sync to my application.

This is killing me, anyone run into this before?

I also have 3 other collections that are working without issue and they do have a decent amount of data, 25K records being sync’ed without issue.

It’s likely that you still have data on your device or on Atlas, though the steps you took should not keep any data around. I would go through those steps again - uninstall the app, terminate and re-enable sync, and then reinstall the app.

You can also check the logs page on app services to see if there any errors that might explain what’s going on

Thanks for the reply.

I have erased the iOS simulator so many times, I have deleted every record in my collection so that there is NO data in it at all in Mongo and yet it still appears and get’s sync’ed back to the device.

I am 100% positive all data that I can verify exists its wiped. I have no idea how an empty collection can subscribe to an empty collection and have data still show up.

If you DM me your app ID i can probably help further

Terminating Device Sync, restarting sync and deleting / reinstalling the app seemed to have suss’ed this out.