Dashboard Public Link Sharing - Change Default Refresh Interval

I have a question regarding public link sharing:

Is it possible to set the refresh interval via the URL?
It is set to 1h per default. I want to set a 1-min refresh interval automatically when the public dashboard URL is opened. Is it possible to achieve the aforementioned somehow?

Hi @MartinLoeper -

No you can’t do it from the URL, although this is a good feature suggestion. You might want to log it on http://feedback.mongodb.com for others to vote on. You can change the refresh interval from the UI once the dashboard has loaded though.


Just saw that somebody already posted this as a suggestion to feedback engine. [1]

I will provide a tampermonkey workaround in the meantime.

Thanks for the hint to feedback engine - should have looked there first!

[1] https://feedback.mongodb.com/forums/923524-charts/suggestions/39964576-ability-to-set-refresh-rate-via-url-param