Daily Backup on replication

Hi Team,

We have replication 1 primary 4 secondary want to setup back daily basis automatically script in crontab any body have idea script details please let me know

and also delete old backup files one month ago.


Hello @hari_dba ,

I would recommend you to go through MongoDB Backup Methods and go for the one suiting your environment. Note that one of the supported backup option for on-premise installation involves using MongoDB Ops Manager, which is part of an Enterprise Advanced subscription.

However I would also recommend you to develop and test any scripting solution in your own deployment, since I believe any script to do this would be very specific toward individual deployment (i.e. any script would not likely be transferrable from one deployment to another), and would undoubtedly be a vital part of your operation. It’s also to ensure that it meets your needs and conform to your company’s backup policies.

Tarun Gaur


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