Cyclic dependency detected

I’m trying to do my home work in my M121 course, my aggregation pipeline is returning the right number of document (23). when I try running the other steps I get this error:
“cyclic dependency detected”, Please can anyone help?

Hey @Okere_Godwin,

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This syntax is likely causing the issue:

var pipeline = db.movies.aggregate(...)

Please assign the aggregation to the variable pipeline like this:

var pipeline = [ { $match: { ... } } ]

and then load and run the validateLab1 validation method as you did before.

Also, I see you adding multiple $match stages. You can combine them into one $match stage like this:

var pipeline = [
$match: {
“imdb.rating”: { $gte: 7 },
genres: { $nin: [ “Crime”, “Horror” ] } ,
rated: { $in: [“PG”, “G” ] },
languages: { $all: [ “English”, “Japanese” ] }

Here are some more examples of $match for your reference.

Let us know if the problem still persists. Feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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Thanks Satyam,
Your reply was highly helpful, you helped me solve the problem.


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