customData - bad base64

In my (react, web) app, whenever the user changes any personal data, it is inserted to the ‘members’ collection (using a realm serverside function) and then updates everything using:

     newCustomData = await app.currentUser.refreshCustomData()

sometimes a small change in the member doc makes the jwt token ‘atob’ to fail.
if i delete some stuff from the doc, it goes back and everything works…

I saw on git they fixed this issue by using ‘js-base64’ which is great, but I’m using realm-web version 0.8.0 (latest, I think?), without that fix…

what can I do?



after updating realm-web to 0.8.0 I forgot to ‘yarn install’ all the new dependencies
I just did this and rerun the project and everythng is fine, there is a fix for this problem in the new version :slight_smile:


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