Custom resolver, built-in graphiql client works, external access does not

I see a situations where my query works in the builtin graphiql client, but not in my app, nor using other test tools, e.g. altair client.

  • I pass same _ID to my function and it works fine

I have narrowed it down to specific fields included in my aggregation projection.

  1. Why does the built in client not complain?
  2. Logs only show “Error: Failed to run recipe aggregate: StitchError: read not permitted”
  3. For field in question, it doesn’t matter if I don’t specify it in graphql query, just being in the $project causes the problem, but not with built in graphiql client in realm.

I found “anyOf” in json schema here. Is this supported and will it “resolve” to union in graphql?

So anyOf looks to be supported. I cannot get it to work in my custom resolver. Trying a trivial one and get errors when saving custom resolver. Does this work?

I see this is just under general mongodb support. I will await your response as to whether these operators (anyOf and oneOf in particular) are supported and they are properly reflected in graphql.

Hi Fred – Currently for our schema, we require that a single type is specified in order for a GraphQL type to be generated. Therefore, anyOf is not supported with GraphQL at the moment, but this is something that we’re considering for the future. If you’d like, you can file a request in our feedback forum to better track this.