currentOp and killOp chapter scripts are not working

Could it be that something is missing in the mongod setup? I can’t run the the first script of currentOpKillOp.js to insert document? Do I have to create the db? It a bit weird to always do the exercises and than struggling to those issues?

Hi @Ingmar,

Without telling/showing us what the error message is, everyone will struggle to decipher what “not working” means.

And as this is an advanced course, may I ask if you have you taken the M103 course pre-requisite?

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I decide to rebuild the vm and start running from the beginning. Now it is working. I have a long experience by working with a production environment and I already did most of the dba courses. But I learned also to read in the discussions. I know course ware is for free but it would be great to having stuff up to date by versions. :slight_smile: Thank you for reply, I guess we could close this issue.

Very good! :+1:

I believe that they’re working on updating all the courseware. When that will happen, I don’t know.

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