Creating new cluster for the M220JS course

Hi, to whom it may concern:
I am trying to work on M220JS course. On the lecture one , the lecturer says if you have an account we will create a new cluster for you, but nothing is done for me.
I am frustrated trying to create a new cluster and connecting to it. I had one organization “MDBU” and a project “project1”, therefore I created a second organization “MDBU2” and a new project “project2”. But unfortunately my connection string is not accepted by the MongoDB compass. anybody responsible for the course to help me
to correct my steps to receive the right Atlas connection string for the M220JS ?

This is the 3rd post about your difficulties with connection strings.

Nobody will create a cluster for you. The we, in we will create a new cluster, is a language thing. It means that the lecturer and you, so we (when the lecturer talk) will create together a cluster for you. You have to follow the rest of the instructions.

Please post a screenshot of what you are doing that shows the error you are getting.

my screenshot:

the lecturer screenshot:

My string after @mflex. is different from the lecture string after @mflix.

It is normal. It is your own cluster.

Two things are funny:

  • The ENOTFOUND error does not match the string you have entered
  • The string you entered works

It also looks like we were once connected to your m220 favorite???

I do not know how you can end up in this situation but try the following:

  1. select with your mouse the string below and then press CtrlC
  1. start Compass
  2. press the Compass button New Connection
  3. press the left button of your mouse on the text box just above the green Connect button
  4. the text box should now have a blue border indicating that it has focus
  5. press CtrlV and the string you selected should now be in the text box
  6. press the green Connect button

Hi, thanks for all your efforts trying to find a way to resolve the problem.

Hi Steeve,
now that you have changed the last part of connecting string ifrom “test” to “sample_mflix”, how the Atlas SRV connection string should be changed in the dotenv_win file?

Simply follow the instructions. And this means make sure you do not have any typing errors like mongodb.srv rather than mongodb+srv.