Creating Documents using Compass

I get this message on the create collection button when trying to add a collection in the video database.
Topology type: Replica Set (No Primary) is not writable.

If you’re connected to the Atlas Cluster owned by MongoDB University, you probably don’t have permission to write to that Cluster.

@007_jb I’m connected to my sandbox, but using the movies dataset i downloaded from the course

I don’t know if one of the sample datasets can be write protected. Have you tried writing to a different collection? And have also tried doing this in Atlas/shell?

My be your IP not able to access all nodes of the cluster?
Did you whitelist your IP or was there any change in your IP or firewall issues

Try not using replicaset name as suggested in this link

@007_jb i have used mongo shell and it has created the collection. I am looking for another dataset i see if i can perform the operation.
Do you have a link to another dataset i can use?

Thank you,
I have whitelisted my ip to allow access from anywhere and there are no changes to my firewall.
The link you have shared looks helpful, let me check then i will give you a feedback.

Here you go:


Hi @Anthony_Mulweye,

In addition to @Ramachandra_37567,

If the issue is still unresolved then please share your connection details so that I can test it at my end.

That being said, you can also use the mongo shell to do all sorts of operation if you are blocked due to any unresolved issue with your Compass.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

Thanks. I was looking for it. But It’ll more helpful if you share large dataset for practice purpose.

Hi @Dipak_09081,

If the sample datasets provided in the atlas does not satisfy your requirements then you can simply google it and you will find plenty of freely available large datasets.

For instance this one :

Hope it helps!

~ Shubham


Thanks for link.

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Thanks @Shubham_Ranjan. It’s really helpful. :clap: :clap: :clap: