Creating a the path for Mongo Shell in Mac with Anaconda


I’ve been trying to add a the path to the directory .bash_profile, but I have a version of Anaconda previously installed. What is the correct way to add, the new path to the code so I’ll be able to run the mongo shell




Are you able to run that command by giving full path as below?(please add your mongodb)
/Users/roas/anaconda/bin/your_mongodb/bin/mongo --nodb
If the path given is correct it should work

I tried, but I couldnt.

Does the mongo executable exist?
What does ls -lrt /full_path/mongo show?

I copied and decompressed the tgz file, in my user archive. Then, I changed the path and tried to run the mongo shell without success. Sure I am missing something, but I don’t know what.

I wanted you to replace full_path with your actual path where mongodb is installed but you ran as it is
There is no dir by name full_path That’s why your command failed
Alternatively you can do this
cd to your mongodb/bin dir
Then you do ls -lrt mongo