Create user using Oauth2.0/OpenID.

As per the documentation,

The user is created automatically,
For most providers, App Services automatically creates a user account the first time a user authenticates through the provider
I have used Google oauth2 as the authentication provider. I am getting the following issues

In the HTTPS endpoint > Data API.
If I choose Authentication Options as Application Authentication i get the following error
“value of ‘kid’ has invalid format”
If I choose the Authentication Options as User ID i get the following error
“user not found”. Error code 404. Not sure if it even used the Bearer token.

User Setting is cheked to be active.
Create User Upon Authentication

If your linked function is using Application Authentication and Custom JWT Authentication, the endpoint will create a new user with the passed-in JWT if that user has not been created yet.

Based on the above statement is it even possible to create user using Oauth2 or OpenID