Create/Update Comments test case error

Hi All,
Test cases are failing ‘create-update-comments’. I am putting 1st test case faliure description

● Create/Update Comments › Can post a comment


Expected value to equal:


  Comparing two different types of values. Expected string but received object.

I’ad successfully passed previous “get-comments.test” test.
Can anyone please help…

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Hey @Ashish_29479

Glad to hear you solved the lab. :+1: However as this was not an issue but an incorrect answer, I think you should deleted the post, as now you have posted the correct answer which is against forum guidelines.

I am also getting the same error, even for Delete comments also, test case passed, but Not getting the id in Status page. Please help.

Hey @Sagar_Santosh_39338

As you can read from my previous post this is not really an error, but more to do with your implementation not being fully complete.

You can look in the commentsDAO.js file under the deleteComment() for a hint on how to solve challenge.