Create dedicated search cluster?


Is the possibility of creating a dedicated search cluster on the roadmap? Or, being able to manually specify the percentage of memory and CPU resources that search should use?

Thank you.

Hi Dima, we cannot specify what percentage Atlas Search should use at this time and we probably would never make this type of configuration available. It would actually be more risky than it might appear at first glance because every search query is a mongod query.

We do have dedicated infrastructure on the roadmap, but that would only be recommended or cost effective for very large and demanding use cases. It would also likely incur a latency penalty.

Do you have particular concerns about resource consumption in the present architecture?

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Hello Marcus,

Thank you for your reply and the explanation.

The concern is that we have dedicated search clusters that will do nothing but search, but, as of right now, there is no way to configure these clusters to optimally use resources in this scenario.

Thank you.

I see, are you up for a meeting with someone from the team. I’m sure @Ruchir_Mehta @Elle_Shwer or @amyjian would love to interview you to better understand your use case. Can you send me a message?