Course time line advice - year end holidays

hi Sonali Mamgain, I just completed M103 and would happy to immediately continue with M201 - I try and do a little every day - but am going to be out Dec 23 thru Jan 5 meaning I don’t think I can complete it in the defined time frame.

Should I wait until the course is next offered? when would that be? or is it okay to start in 1 class but finish in another?

I would actually like to start 201 now to keep things fresh but its doubtful I would finish by Dec 22…and then am gone… thanks for any advice on this.

If you want to catch her attention, you’d want to write it this way @Sonali_Mamgain

Hi @James_58604,

Glad to hear that you have successfully completed courses M001 and M103. :clap:

If you want to register for the current offering of the M201 course, the chapter deadlines will look this:

Another option is to register for offering starting from December 17, the course deadlines for that offering will be as below:

We now release our course offerings every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC, and you can register and start for the course at the same time.

Please check your schedule and opt for the best suitable offering.
If you have any questions please let me know.

Good Luck!!

thank you for the reply… I believe I will register to start this week even though I will not complete the course. then I will register again upon return in January - - and at that point repeat the work …

it doesn’t sound like you have a mechanism to carry it over from class to class - - and doing a repeat would probably be helpful for me as a refresh so I don’t mind doing it…

Hi @James_58604,

We do not carry over the course progress from one offering to another. This is to ensure that all the users abide by the course deadlines and plan the course completion accordingly.

It is great that you found a workaround this situation.

Good Luck for the course!!!
Please let me know if you have any questions.