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Hi I have been a Mongodb university user since 2015 and the .NET for developer course actually enabled me to get certified as a Developer Associate in 2018. Can someone at Mongodb explain why this course is no longer available. ALso the focus now seems more on the Mongodb tools rather than the earlier courses, where the material focused heavily on Mongodb concepts, which is why taking the course and going over the study material which used to be made available once you registered for a certification was an awesome combination to learn even difficult concepts. I enjoyed learning from the earlier course and I am trying to get recertified and find the new material a little lacking in depth.

You’re a true veteran @hrishigupte :bowing_man:

I can’t answer your question re the .NET course discontinuation because I don’t work for MongoDB, but as far as the certification goes, taking the courses offered in the learning paths + documentation + your experience is more than enough to pass the exams. The exams are JavaScript focused (basic syntax).

On a side note, I wonder if re-linking your course under the “Certification Exam” discussion will get the right responses?


Hi @hrishigupte,

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We had to retire the .NET course from our offerings because the content was outdated. Currently, we are in the process of recording the videos for the new release of the course.

Thanks for the feedback. The M001 course is a basic course. I would highly recommend you to take the courses listed under the Developer Learning Path if you are planning to take the developer certification exam.

In addition to that, please refer the Recommended Study & Training Materials section on the Certification page.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer