Course M121 Chapter -0 : Atlas requirement -connection to Atlas cluster failed


I tried connecting to Atlas cluster as per course M121 chapter 0 Atlas requirement.

See error below:

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Please re-watch the video on how to setup atlas account. You need to add your IP address to allowed address or for this course you can allow all IP addresses.

You need to edit network access setting in your atlas cluster

What connect string you have used?

I can connect to aggregations

You have some typing error in your string. You specified jexeqq for some nodes and the correct one, jxeqq, for others.

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Hi @Ike_Okanu,

Please use the following connection string, I would recommend copy-pasting it:

mongo “mongodb://,,” --authenticationDatabase admin --ssl -u m121 -p aggregations --norc

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.



Thanks. I got it working now.

I’m having trouble connecting. I have the mongo community edition. Should I remove this version and download the enterprise edition?

I get this syntax error: unexpected token string literal.???

You have to start the mongo shell when your are outside the mongo shell. You have to exit the current mongo shell and return to your OS prompt.

When I do that it just says mongo is not regonized

I’ve updated the environment path variable for mongo but it still gives me this error “mongo not recognized”

Don’t know if I can even start this course if I can’t connect :rage: :sob:

Your screenshot show the output of the command show dbs which means you were inside the mongo shell. The only way to do it is via the mongo command. How did you end up in the terminal that show the sign > which is the mongo prompt?

You might have a typing error in your path. You may always use the full path name to the command.

Thanks Steve. Still haven’t been able to log on from my work computer. I have mac at home and was able to log in. Much easier to use a mac than windows environment.