Course for Backup/Restore


Is there any course dedicated for backup/restore, specially for point in time recovery, backup large database (around 1 TB), differential backup etc…

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There’s no course specifically for backup strategies, but there’s some documentation.

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The DBA path proposed in mongodb university is incomplete without backup/restore course, one of the main task of DBA is to make sure data is safe and correctly backed up and can be restored in case of DR, create a dump of db with 1 TB for example is not an option, a course should be added to cover

  • The different strategies to backup large DB
  • Speed up backup/restore processes
  • Create differential backup
  • Point-in-time recovery (PITR)

Please raise this concern to the team responsable of mongodb university, also it’s hard to convence company to migrate from Oracle/SQL Server to mongoDB without a robust plan/process for backup/restore.

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