Course Content on M220JS changed since September 21


I have just logged in to my course history and I noticed that the course content for M220JS, M001 and M121 have all changed.

I had a quick look at M220JS and seems to be using the same project as the one I completed in September 2021.

I wondered what has changed in the course so much that the content is no longer available for my completed course. Also it would be really helpful if there was a history, so we can watch the changes, without having to watch the course again :slight_smile:

The courses below I have taken in 2021, all have listed (as content no longer available). It would be nice is there was a better way of managing it.

Thank you.

PS - I had on demand access, and I have that taken away, yet the courses seem to be on demand. I am not sure what I am missing?

Hi Neil,

I believe the issue is that the courses you completed were via University On-Demand, and are no longer available since your On-Demand subscription has expired. The On-Demand course content is the same as the public courses, but offered on a more flexible schedule.

Originally there used to be more differentiation in the scheduling and time to complete public courses vs On-Demand as public sessions were scheduled offerings with weekly deadlines. The public course approach changed in 2020 (Updates to MongoDB University: March, 2020) so there are no longer weekly deadlines and you have two months to complete a course upon enrolment.

The content of these courses has not changed significantly since you completed them, although M036 is now retired since the 3.6 server series reached end of life in April, 2021.

I agree this could be messaged more clearly. A list of course updates may also be useful, although I believe significant changes would possibly result in new course codes.



Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, seems like I am not getting messages about updates to threads.

It would be nice going forward, if we can avoid this disconnect in a persons online course history, it can be a little bit of putting.

Totally agree, if a course reaches a certain tipping point in new content, it should be revised, but given I have pretty exhaustive notes, the courses haven’t been changing that much :slight_smile: So, if I was being really picky, if a person has undertaken a course, maybe a little note from the “Course” saying this section has changed (say for typo’s) or is completely new, or is reworked. That way I just watch it again. Totally appreciate you need to find a happy balance in communication.

I know that the 3.6 course is no longer relevant from a product version point of view. But it does cover some important points, like session id’s (And other things) which I am not sure are covered in later courses, but are important to know about. I bang on about this to everyone I can :slight_smile:


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