Course content is fantastic, IDE is beyond bad

Simple review:


  • Lecturer easy enough to understand, videos are a good length
  • Constantly getting tested, this is a big plus for cementing knowledge


  • Connecting to the IDE - which times out every 15 minutes - is a pain and is a multi-step process
  • The IDE gives zero meaningful error logs, the most common issue you will run into is that you are querying in the wrong collection! Since mongo is so loose no one will tell you this when you run the query, so you’ll waste time figuring out what is wrong with your code when its perfectly fine, it is not possible to know which database you are in because db is always used. The shell itself is very slow, and it is impossible to write the queries in some of the labs in the shell alone, why do I need to write the code in notepad++ and then copy it into the shell? Such a backward practise for 2020.
  • Many commands don’t work as they should in the IDE, such as findOne() which always returns the same document

I think mongodb is a fantastic tool to use, but it is difficult going through this course when being forced to use the IDE which sucks. A programmatic approach (i.e. with something like mongoose) would be infinitely less stressful.

Just use the db command. See

mongo shell > use myDatabase
switched to db myDatabase
mongo shell > db
mongo shell> 

If you specify the same query, the same document will always be returned. Typically, it is the first document in the natural order of the collection. If you use findOne() with no parameter it is equivalent to an empty query. See

As a white-bearded old man who used decwriters to type Fortran programs and learn vi (and still solely use) as the first real editor, I do find the IDE a little bit overkill. But you should have seen the tons of problems people had before, the IDE helps a little bit. More so in the other course (M103) where it has been introduced first.

A bit of an aside, but on this particular course you don’t really need to use the IDE if you don’t want. Just install mongo shell locally it works even if you run Arch or any other less frequent Linux distro. And connect to the remote server. Then just press “Run Tests” if you want to checkout the exercise.

The IDE diminishes the pain of setting up mongod configs I believe. On Linux these are very delicate files that if you touch, it may break all apart (I’ve achieved it!).

But I agree in most of what you wrote anyways. Just maybe be more patient :slight_smile:

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