Couldn't connect to Mongodb cluster using shell

Tried connecting to Mongodb cluster using Shell got following error. Please help.

I am using windows command prompt.

connecting to: mongodb://,,

*** It looks like this is a MongoDB Atlas cluster. Please ensure that your IP whitelist allows connections from your network.

Error: can’t connect to new replica set master [], err: AuthenticationFailed: bad auth Authentication failed. :
exception: connect failed
exiting with code 1

Hello @venkatesh_Chandolu welcome to the comunity!

You most likely provided incorrect credentials. This page Set Up Atlas Connectivity describes in detail which steps you should take, at the end of the page you find an option to copy your connection string (you may need to overwrite the password statement with your actual password).

If you get stuck, feel free to add on to this thread. In that case please copy the statements you used and the error message, Please remove all secret information before posting!