Correct query but wrong data output

This is a quiz on sort() and limit() in M001 course. The question is:
In what year was the youngest bike rider from the sample_training.trips collection born?
Here is my answer:

db.trips.find({"birth year": {"$ne": null}}, {"birth year": 1, "_id": 0}).sort({"birth year": 1}).limit(1)

It returns the following output:

[ { 'birth year': 1885 } ]

1885 is the wrong answer so it is either my answer is incorrect or the database that I have downloaded was old. Did anyone have a similar issue? Is there a way to communicate with the course instructor or supervisor? Thank you for your help.

Quiz asking you to find youngest bike rider
Check your query again

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Thank you Ramachandra_Tummala; this is very helpful. By the way, are you an instructor?