Correct Answer given. Showing incorrect in submission

Lab 2.6: Update Operators

The correct answer is *** , when i selected *** it showed me incorrect.

For this i got a fail result, can you correct that.



Please dont paaste the answers in the discussion forum.
Coming to your question, i think you have crossed the attempts to answer? thats why it might be showing you the correct answer as wrong?
Check agian.

Hi @Suresh_58788 i gave the correct answer in attempts. But when i chose that answer it said incorrect answer. So i had to attempt different answers and thus i finished attempts and failed. Now when i click on correct answer it shows one of the answers i attempted.

Note: I have masked the answer. Sorry didn’t realise that. Thanks

That’s not a problem … continue with your learning. This will not impact much on the results.

That happened to me too!