Correccion de acentos en los registros//Correction of accents in registers

Hola tengo un problema.
No se como solucionar el que un registro en mongo me salga con caracteres raro, cuando en su lugar he metido una palabra con acento:
México = M%xico.

Me podrian ayudar.

Hello @Lourdes_Nataly_Rojas_Hernandez ,

It would be great if you can post future questions in English as it will be easy for most of the community to help you. I tried translating your text and please confirm if my understanding of your use case is correct, from the percent sign you posted I’m guessing you’re getting a percent-encoded character instead of é, is this accurate?

If yes, can you please share below details

  • MongoDB version you are using
  • Where are you seeing this character(While reading the documents or while exporting the documents)?
  • Can you confirm if you have added México instead of M%xico while adding documents in database?