Continue to run FindOneAndUpdate get result ,but not inc, still the first result

type Sequence struct {

    Id       primitive.ObjectID `json:"id"   form:"id"  bson:"_id"`

    Field    string             `json:"field" form:"field" bson:"field"`

    Sequence int64              `json:"sequence" form:"sequence" bson:"sequence" `

func (model *Sequence) GetNextSequence(field string) (int64, error) {

    opts := options.FindOneAndUpdate()



    filter := bson.D{{Key: "field", Value: "Account.Number"}}

    update := bson.M{"$inc": bson.M{"sequence": 1}}

    err := util.C(model).FindOneAndUpdate(context.TODO(), filter, update, opts).Decode(model)

    if err != nil {

        return -1, err


    return model.Sequence, nil


The first run func,can get correct result.Continue to run func get result ,but not inc, still the first result. What is the right thing to do?Thanks。