Consultable certificate

Hello kindly mongodb team.

Have you ever thought about a consultable certificate, with an unique link (maybe with a token) that an user can share?

Obviously, the PDF is very comfortable I know, but I guess that a link give more trust to it. Maybe it can be also included on the PDF?

Just my opinion :wink:
Kind regards, Marco.


You mean like YouAcclaim?

To be honest I would reserve things like that for the REAL certifications Mongo has. All the MongoU certs are more like “certificates of attendance” for a training course. They aren’t “real” certifications.

Much like how passing one class in college does not bestow a BSc.

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I dont’t know YourAcclaim :slight_smile: (I saw the website now)

Of course no, It should be like the pdf, but with a simple link (tokenized, so unique) that someone can will read :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion Marco.

It would be easy for us to understand if you can share some example template. :slight_smile:


Something like this perhaps?


Yes Ian! You got it! :wink:

Nice, Ian. That would be great.