Connection with Mongoshell and Atlas

Hello Sir,
I have used the command: mongo “mongodb+srv://”. In order to connect to the atlas and mongoshell. while the connectivity has been an successfull one while there I some problem while accessing the database from my cluster

kindly help me to solve the remaining queries.

Hi @Vikyath_Reddy, welcome to the community.
You need to execute all these MongoDB commands inside the mongo shell, whereas you have entered the command directly into the terminal/bash.
Also, can you please verify your password? It seems like it is incorrect, as mentioned in the lecture the name should be m001-student & password should be m001-mongodb-basics.
Also, once you are connected make sure you use the command show dbs and not show db.

I hope it helps.
In case you have any doubts, please feel free to reach out to us. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Sourabh Bagrecha,
Curriculum Services Engineer

It has not.

You got the exception No digits and the mongo shell was not started and you ended up in the bash shell again. You got the exception because the type of quotes you used. Most likely a cut-n-paste from html issue. You may cut-n-paste the connection string but enter the quotes by hand.

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