Connection to the Mongo Shell

getting this error –

2 total, 0 passed, 0 skipped:
[FAIL] “Successfully connected to the Atlas Cluster”

Did you use the right command with the Atlas provided connection string?

[FAIL] “The username is m001-student”

Did you create a username m001-student?

Hi @Deepak_Sharma4,

Can you share the screenshot of the IDE or your Atlas connection string with us!!
So, we can check on our end!


mongo “mongodb+srv://” --username m001-student

Hi @Deepak_Sharma4,

Can you confirm that you have whitelisted your IP address in the Network tab of the Atlas cloud.!!

Thank you,

IP Address Comment Status Actions Active

Are you running that command on atlas or locally?
Please, Include a screenshot.

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The IP address seen by the Atlas cluster is not necessarily the IP address of your PC. It might be the NAT address of your router or the exist point of your VPN. And for this course it is the exit point of the IDE container. So it is better to allow from Anywhere for this course.

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Yes Steeve,
I figured out that it was something with IP , so Changed to 0 as a default & Things are Looking Good .

Thanks a lot.
Deepak Sharma